Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A joke.

A, C, and G walk into location W. There they meet N, a person associated with the location and its purposes.

So N says to them, "In what fashion would you three persons like to participate in the services and/or activities offered at W?"

A says, "I'd like to (response fairly consistent with A's normative behavior, in the context of a location like W)."

N says, "Fine." A normative exchange ensues.

C says, "I'd like to (response not only consistent with C's normative behavior in context, but also similar to A's response; but with certain minor differences that create in the listener's mind the detection of a developing pattern)."

N says, "Fine." A second, normative exchange ensues, and in addition the subtle perception that a behavior pattern is developing continues to advance.

G says, "Well, as for me, I'd like to (response that is literally logical and consistent with G's normative behavior, but which is not contextually normative in a location like W, and which furthermore breaks the pattern which the listener has begun to expect)!

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